Little Scientists. Big Fun

Science parties for kids that are scientifically proven to be the best birthday ever!


Science parties for kids- learning through play!

As scientists, we understand the importance of science communication and STEM education. We truly believe it begins at a young age, where we foster excitement and curiosity in children in a fun and engaging way. Never stop encouraging children to learn through play, it's amazing what kids can do!

Read below the importance of STEM in learning.

Science helps explain the world around us. It can help kids form critical thinking skills as well as the ability to solve complex problems all throughout their life.

The benefits for exposing children to modern technology are vast. It can improve hand-eye coordination, language skills, visual attention as well as developing dynamic spatial and problem solving skills, expanding horizons.

Engineering problems are based on real-world issues. They help children see how maths and science are relevant in their lives. Like science, engineering is all around us- in machines, structures and built environments.

Maths provides vital life skills and is an essential part of early learning. It helps children to problem solve, identify patterns, measure, develop spatial awareness and using and understanding shapes.